The Museum Collection

Anna Charlotte Lynch Portrait

ID #: 99.24.1
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1840s
Format: Oil on Canvas
Source: Gift of Mary T. Gautreaux
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication:
Publish Date:


Anna Charlotte Lynch (1815-1891) was a poet and teacher who hosted weekly literary soirees at her New York City home during the time of Poe's residence in that city. Edgar Allan Poe was a regular guest at the parties until his conduct concerning letters to Poe from Elizabeth Ellet caused him to be removed from the guest list in early 1846. In 1848, when the poet Sarah Helen Whitman expressed interest in meeting Poe, Lynch gave Whitman unfavorable reports of Poe's character.

Poe is said to have given his first reading of "The Raven" at her house in autumn 1844. The poem was published later, in January 1845.

The artist who painted this portrait is unidentified. The frame dates to the 1840s and may be original to the painting.