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Letter from A.M. Ide to John Bisco (Editor of the Broadway Journal)

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Creator: Abijah Metcalf Ide, Jr.
Date: August 13, 1845
Format: letter
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
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Abijah Metcalf Ide, Jr. (1825-1873) was a South Attleborough, Massachusetts, farmer who started writing Poe in October 1843 and who sent him poems to critique. Ide contributed to The Broadway Journal (a magazine Poe co-owned and edited) in 1845.

In this letter to John Bisco, Editor of the Broadway Journal, dated August 13, 1845, Ide remits one dollar and asked to be added to the list of subscribers. He also asks for a copy of the back issue containing a reprint of Poe's poem "The Raven." At the time, "The Raven" was a fairly new poem, having been first printed a few months earlier in January 1845 in the American Review.

In August 1845, when this letter was written, the Broadway Journal was struggling financially. The Jul 5, 1845 issue's publication had been suspended, and one of the owners, Charles Briggs left the journal. John Bisco, the recipient of this letter, would leave in the journal in October 1845. The magazine ceased publication after the January 3, 1846 issue.

This letter is among a collection of documents from the files of the Broadway Journal, the last of the journals Poe edited and the only one Poe ever owned. Also in this collection are the memoranda of agreement for the magazine as well as several other letters to Poe and the other editors. The collection descended from Mrs. Lockwood Phillips of Beaufort, North Carolina to Mr. R.D. Ewell of West Nyack, New York.