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Illustrations by Albert Edward Sterner

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Creator: Albert Edward Sterner
Date: ca. 1894-5
Format: Photomechanical Prints
Dimensions: Various
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Publisher: Stone and Kimball
Place of Publication: Chicago
Publish Date: 1894, 1895


Albert Edward Sterner (1863-1946) produced these illustrations in 1894 and 1895 for the ten-volume set The Works of Edgar Allan Poe edited by E.C. Stedman and G. E. Woodberry and published by Sone and Kimball of Chicago. The set was reprinted numerous times by different publishers. Burton Pollin, in his book images of Poe's Works: A Comprehensive Descriptive Catalogue of Illustrations (1989, Greenwood Press, New York), refers to Sterner's drawings as "Victorian staginess or space-filling arabesques, cluttered murkiness, anguished expressions, etc." Sterner produced twenty illustrations for this edition.