The Museum Collection

First Dutch Translation of "The Purloined Letter"

ID #: 652
Creator: Edgar Allan Poe and J.L. Van Der Vliet
Date: January 1847
Format: Magazine
Source: Gift of A.J. Van Huffel
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication: The Hague
Publish Date: January 1847


A little over two years after Poe wrote it, J.L. Van Der Vliet translated Poe's 1844 detective story "The Purloined Letter" into Dutch for the January 1847 issue of De Tijd, a magazine in The Hague. Van Der Vliet retitled the story "De Gestolen Brief." Shortly after "The Purloined Letter" first appeared in October 1844 in the annual The Gift, it was reprinted in Scotland in the November 30, 1844 issue of Chamber's Edinburgh Journal (also in the Poe Museum's collection). The present translation was made from the abridged version that appeared in Chamber's Edinburg Journal.