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Maria Poe Clemm Albumen Print

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Creator: Bendann Brothers, Baltimore
Date: 1868
Format: Albumen print carte-de-visite
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
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Poe's mother-in-law, Maria Poe Clemm (1790-1871), was also the sister of his father David Poe, Jr. After the deaths of her husband and son, Clemm moved from her home in Baltimore to Richmond with her daughter, Virginia Eliza Clemm, who married Poe on May 16, 1836. The three would live together in a series of homes in Richmond, Philadelphia, and New York until Virginia's death in 1847 and Poe's death in 1849. Edgar Allan Poe was so devoted to Clemm that he dedicated his poem "To My Mother" to her. This 1868 albumen print carte-de-visite and an 1849 daguerreotype are the only known photographs of this woman who played a major role in Poe's life.