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Lock of Edgar Allan Poe's Hair

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Creator: Edgar Allan Poe
Date: October 7, 1849
Format: Hair glued to envelope
Source: James H. Whitty
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
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This lock of hair was cut from Poe's brow by Dr. Joseph Evans Snodgrass, the magazine editor Poe called for when he was found delirious in "Gunner's Hall," a Baltimore tavern and polling place, on October 3, 1849. Dr. Snodgrass gave the souvenir to G. W. Magers, in whose handwriting it is authenticated. Snodgrass was Poe's friend and a former editor (later owner) of the Baltimore Saturday Visiter, in which "Ms. Found in a Bottle" had been published in 1833. Snodgrass's lectured and wrote a number of times about Poe's final days and death. The hair is glued to the back of an envelope, which is attached to a board on which the donor, Poe collector James Whitty, wrote additional information.