The Museum Collection

Robert Craig Stanard Ambrotype

ID #: 369a
Date: ca. 1853-57
Format: Ambrotype
Source: Mrs. William G. Stanard
Place of Publication:
Publish Date:


One of Edgar Allan Poe's Richmond classmates, Robert Craig Stanard (1814-1857) was the son of Jane Stith Craig Stanard, the woman to whom Poe dedicated his poem "To Helen." After the death of Jane Stanard in 1824, Poe and Robert Stanard held a vigil at her grave, and, after Poe's marriage in 1836, he frequently took his wife on on walks to see the grave.

When Poe filed for bankruptsy on December 19, 1842, Poe listed Robert Stanard of Richmond as one of the creditors to whom he owed $150.

The donor of the portrait, Mrs. William G. Stanard was the wife of a descendant of the subject. Mrs. Stanard was also the author of a book about Poe entitled The Dreamer.