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Brick from Poe's Last Manhattan Residence

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Format: Brick
Source: New York University
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
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This brick was one of 700 salvaged from Poe's Greenwich Village home after the building was demolished by New York University. The University presented these bricks to the Poe Museum and the Mystery Writers of America. About 400 of the bricks were distributed, and the remainder are in the Poe Museum. Some of these will be incorporated into the Poe Museum complex, where they will join bricks and building materials salvaged from the Southern Literary Messenger building, the Ellis and Allan Firm office, Poe's boyhood home at 14th Street and Tobacco Alley, and other lost structures.

Poe lived in the house at 85 Amity Street from September 1845 until March 1846, when he moved out of the city to a cottage in Fordham (now The Bronx). It was during Poe's time at 85 Amity Street that Poe briefly owned the Broadway Journal, and it was also during this time that Poe began his feud with the New York literati, in particular Thomas Dunn English. The wars with the literati may have inspired his tale "The Cask of Amontillado," which was likely written during Poe's time in the house. Poe also wrote "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar," edited his last book of poetry, The Raven and Other Poems, and began his series The Literati of New York City while living there. The building was demolished in 2001 to make way for a law school. This would be the last of Poe's Manhattan homes to be lost.