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Edgar Allan Poe's Manuscript for "The Rationale of Verse"

ID #: 465b
Creator: Edgar Allan Poe
Date: 1848
Format: Manuscript, One Page
Source: Gift of Fayetta H. and Alberta W. Laighton
Collection: Poe Foundation, Inc.
Place of Publication:
Publish Date:


Poe attempts to explain the history of English verse in this essay, which he had trouble getting published because editors considered it too technical for the general reader. John R. Thompson of The Southern Literary Messenger finally printed it 1848, having bought it, in Thompson's words, "more as an act of charity than anything else."

This manuscript was once in the autograph album of Lucy Dorothea Henry Laighton, granddaughter of Patrick Henry. Laighton's daughters gave the album, which also included other Poe manuscripts in addition to the autographs of over 250 other celebrities, to the Poe Museum in 1928.