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"Edgar Mouse Poe" by Alan F. Beck This is a limited edition print depicting a mouse dressed as Edgar Allan Poe as he appeared in the 1848 "Ultima Thule" daguerreotype, a copy of which is in the Poe… Framed Print 2009
"Nevermore" by Fred O. Seibel Fred O. Seibel (1886-1968) drew this editorial cartoon for the June 17, 1944 issue of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The title and the caption are references to Edgar… Pen and Ink on Paper June 17, 1944
"The Fall of the House of Usher" by Albert Sterner This lithograph was reprinted, much reduced in size, as an illustration on page 246 of the 1925 edition of Mary Newton Stanard's biography of Poe entitled The… Lithograph Before 1925
"The Fall of the House of Usher" Etching by Robert Lawson Robert Lawson (1892-1957) was a popular children's book author and illustrator who was the first to win both the Coldecott Medal and the Newbury Medal. In the… Etching 1931
"The Raven" Illustrated by James Carling James William Carling (1857-1887) was born in Liverpool and traveled to the United States at the age of fourteen. Hailing himself as the "Lightning Caricaturist"… Ink on Board ca.1882
A Confession of the Awful and Bloody Transactions in the Life of Charles Wallace, the Fiend-like Murderer of Miss Mary Rogers This 1851 hoax pamphlet claims to record the confession of the murderer of Mary C. Rogers. The unsolved 1841 murder of Mary Rogers inspired Poe's short story "The… Pamphlet 1851
Annie Richmond Portrait Nancy Locke Heywood Richmond (1820-1898) was a close friend to Edgar Allan Poe in the last two years of his life. He referred to her as "Annie" and dedicated his… Photomechanical Print
Aubrey Beardsley Illustrations for Poe's Works Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898) was an English artist considered a leader of the Aesthetic movement. Though Beardsley executed these drawings around 1894, they were… Print on Paper Drawn ca.1894, Printed ca.1925
Copy of Edgar Allan Poe Sketch of Elmira Royster Elmira Royster became engaged to Edgar Allan Poe before he left Richmond to attend the University of Virginia in 1826. During Poe's absence, Royster's father… Pencil on Paper ca.1920 (Original ca. 1826)
Davidson Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe This albumen print is an altered version of the "Traylor" daguerreotype taken by William Abbott Pratt in Richmond in 1849. The alterations include the inclusion of… Albumen Print Photograph 1876
Edgar Allan Poe Engraving by John Sartain Edgar Allan Poe's friend John Sartain produced this engraving of Poe shortly after the author's death for inclusion in the posthumously released collection of Poe's… Engraving with Mezzotint on Paper 1849
Edouard Manet Etching of Poe The French painter Edouard Manet (1832-1883) was a friend to the Impressionist painters and forerunner of modern painting. Although he was primarily a painter,… Etching on Paper ca. 1874
Etching of Poe by Lewis Lefort This etching (a kind of print made by etching lines into a prepared metal printing plate using acid) was made in 1892, well after the subject's death in 1849. The… Etching on Paper 1892
Moon Mullins Comic Art This is the original artwork for a comic strip that was published in 1981. The artists, Ferd Johnson (1905-1996) and Tom Johnson of Corona Del Mar, California,… Ink on Paper with Pencil 1981
Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe by Ferdinand Horvath Hungarian-born artist Ferdinand Horvath (1891-1973) is best known for his work with Walt Disney during the 1930s. From 1934-37, he work for Disney on several… Watercolor and Pencil on Paper ca. 1930
Rufus Dawes Engraving and Autograph Rufus Dawes (1803-1859) was a Baltimore writer Poe repeatedly ridiculed. In January 1840 in Alexander's Weekly Messenger, for example, Poe wrote a notice of the… Engraving with Attached Autograph
Sarah Helen Whitman Engraving The Rhode Island poet Sarah Helen Whitman (1803-1878) was briefly engaged to Edgar Allan Poe in 1848. After his death, she defended his reputation by assisting… engraving
Sarah Helen Whitman Engraving as Classical Bust The Providence, Rhode Island poet Sarah Helen Whitman (1803-1878) was briefly engaged to Edgar Allan Poe in 1848. His 1848 poem "To Helen" is dedicated to her.…
The Burning of the Theatre in Richmond Virginia The complete title of this engraving is "The Burning of the Theater in Richmond, Virginia on the Night of 26th December, 1811" The piece was published by B. Tanner… Engraving 1812
Tragic Almanack for 1843 The cover of this almanac bears an illustration of the murder of Mary Rogers. Known as the "Beautiful Cigar Girl," Miss Rogers was a popular hostess at Anderson's… Pamphlet 1842
Whitty Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe Poe collector and Poe Museum founder James H. Whitty (1859-1937) donated this portrait to the Poe Museum in 1921 and inscribed it with details concerning the… Crayon on Cardboard ca. 1911